About Alexander Wigmore

Born in Cardiff, South Wales in 1991. I've been interested in computers, gadgets and general technology for as long as I can remember

One of my earliest memories of computers and their potential was using Windows 2.1, and the default word processor that had default calendar templates. I would print them out and sell them in primary school.

My first real experience after that I can remember of technology really making inroads into my life was when I started the "Real Robots", build your own robot project. Real Robots was a fortnightly subscription based project/magazine, where the parts and magazine would be delivered. I was about 9 or 10 at the time, and every other week I would piece together the robot, using basic soldiering, micro-controllers etc. This opened my eyes to the kind of control that is easily had over technology, and the ability to adapt (and break) it in anyway you choose with a few simple (yet thought out) changes.

Building custom gaming PC's was my next inroads into real technology, the potentials and the inner workings - having such granular control over over-clocking CPU's, RAM cycles etc. This kind of control over technology gave me the ability to understand that these machines aren't just static products manufactured and delivered, but rather programmable, controllable pieces of equipment that are made by humans, and behave in mostly the way you choose.

I've been designing and coding websites for the past 8 years, first building HTML/css template for MySpace, I officially first purchased this domain (alex-wigmore.co.uk) 6 years ago, in April 2008.

Today my job title is "Head of IT", using a dedicated team to oversee large web projects (Sites/apps/systems), IT & Phone systems as well as pretty much anything else that is ran on electricity!

On the web design/development side I love to stay up to date and use the latest technologies, lately for me that means: NodeJS, SASS, BEM naming conventions Git, responsive web-design and creating my own frameworks / CMS'.

I believe strongly in the open web and clear and clear approaches to the web as a social and communication medium.
The web is an engagement tool and I believe it to be one of the most powerful entities humans currently have, however, for how long it will be this open and free is a definite concern.