My Predictions for the next 20 years

Posted on: 7th April 2015

Here are some of my predictions for the next 20 or so years

The Demise of Reality

We will see OVER 60% of the shops disappear from our high street.

Football will be relegated as the worlds top/famous spectator sport, largely, and with undoubtable criticism, I believe e-sports will claim the worlds top spot for most followed “sport”.

Online shops will have some ups and downs but replace the majority of all physical shops.

Postal and delivery services will surge into the highest grossing revenues in the UK and USA.

We will have an over-arching abundance of specialist stores. Currently most physical shops are just stores fronts for conglomerates of warehouses. What do I mean by that? As in, you walk into a shop, currently, and it’s packed full of various products from different supplies, but you’re left unaware of who these suppliers are. This supplier to consumer divide will be shortened.

I think this is already going two ways, and will continue to do so, however I feel there may be a separate avenue taken. Whereby the Amazon style store of making the distributor/supplier of the product known, but providing an all purpose experience, and store front to buy these products will exist. Or, slightly less likely, I can see independent supplier will rise through the powers to be the one stop shop for that exact product. Let’s get an example going:

Criteria: You’re doing a big shop for some clothes and household goods.

Case A: You visit - Find all the goods you’re looking for, with clear reviews, and obvious aggregations of where the product is supplied and manufactured from. (This really isn’t very different to Amazon is, just the whole process will need to be smoothed)

Case B: The specialism theorem: You want a pair of socks, so you visits You want a new TV, so it’s

I understand that case B will seem ridiculous, but I think it’s a real possibility as the web is allowing such specialism and creation of pure and high quality products. Personally I’ve seen the demise of cheap replaceable products that was in abundance in the 1990’s, with more one off high quality products thanks to the review and ranking systems. Apple have led the way with this. Have you ever had the clarity and re-assurance of buying a product that was clearly the “one to buy”, Apple have nailed this with their modelling number system, it’s much more reassuring to buy a product model number “iPhone 6”, where you mention it to a few people and they at least recognise it, where as the “Samsung 6001xxxx”, due to the variations and lack of clarity its uncertain as to where it stands in the quality rankings.

Wearables will come and go within 15 years. The mid 2030’s will be about implants. I understand that probably sounds drastic and future loving. The adoption of technology will become a social norm, freeing ourselves from physical entities, replaced by embedded technologies. Currently our devices are largely limited by the lack of battery power, and I cannot see that improving hugely, however the implant system will actually bypass this problem, enabling the wiring up of circuits throughout the human body. Again, I understand how this may seem ridiculously sci-fi, but in reality, it’s just the implant of several key-hole wires throughout the body to wire it all up. This enables one central battery unit to power our who tech-eco system.

Contact lens style google Glasses, Apple style watches with screens flush mounted to our wrist.

Why and how could I think all of this craziness? I currently see society as a whole as being in lust with technology, we’re very much in the honeymoon phase, a new cool phone or TV is announced and we’re excited. As technology becomes very much an every day necessity will we learn to lose this adoration, and expect that extra 10%, getting even more annoyed when things don’t happen instantaneously or as we expect. The next time your phone battery goes flat, question yourself, and consider your emotion, it’s probably, “Dam that’s annoying, -but then your sub-conscious kicks in with- t’s pretty awesome technology after all, so that’s to be expected I guess -hmph-”.

The world will start to get weirdly silent. Headphones for everything, ringtones replaced by tactile. Factories replaced by more efficient means. Petrol cars replaced by silent electrics.

I’ll keep adding more ideas as I feel they’re justifiable, hit me up on Twitter (@MrWigster) if you have any ideas/thoughts.

Written By: MrWigster