Soundpeats QY7 White Wireless Headphone Review

Posted on: 14th April 2015

You can buy them here: Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Sports white

For the past few years I have been cycling my bike with my headphones attached from my head/ears, to my phone, which is always securely locked on to my bike with a QuadLock case… I realised that if I ever fall off of my bike my ears are quite likely to get ripped out. For running I’ve been using my phone in an armband/case with headphone wire tucked through my shirt and inevitably working its way out mid-run. Hence I desired to purchase a set of wireless headphones, and now enters the QY7 wireless headphones.

First impressions of out the box:

Actual box is nicely designed, slightly low quality cardboard, but well printed. Opening it you’re greeted with a fairly sturdy case/pouch that is pretty resistant to squashing and definitely could take a knock or two whilst stuffed inside a rucksack.

Inside of the case we’ve got the wireless headphones, micro-USB charger and a fairly large assortment of plastic clippings, all designed to change the shape and size of the headphones to create an ergonomic fit to almost any ear.


The quality and weight of them feels near enough spot on for the price range (£15 - £20). Plastic is a little too shiny for my liking. A matte feel plastic with textured effect I would have thought to be better for handling sweaty conditions.


I was amazed at how easily these connected with my iPhone 5 over bluetooth, admittedly I’m a pretty techy guy, but all I had to do was hold the power button on headphones, and within my iPhone bluetooth menu they instantly appeared and connected as soon as I clicked on them. 

Also bonus points for the fact that it shows the earphone battery status by the bluetooth icon on the iPhone - I have never actually seen many devices do this lately. And even more bonus points for just how quickly these connect over bluetooth, it’s pretty much synced with your phone as soon as you turn them on — I’m used to waiting a few seconds usually for most bluetooth devices.


There are only 3 buttons: Volume up/down and the main on/off switch. However these 3 buttons can perform many actions. The on/off button will pause/play audio with a tap, long press it (about 2 seconds) will initiate a callback. Long pressing the volume up button will go to next song, and vice versa for the volume down button.

Sound Quality

First of all testing in a sat down environment I was very impressed, quality was good, though bass was a little lacking, streaming from Spotify on iPhone 5. The sound quality remained in tact whilst I put these headphones though their paces.. literally, whilst running! However, a new problem arose related to sound quality… microphonics, I’m not sure how or even why this happens, but you may notice whilst running that your footsteps on the pavement dull the sound, I think it’s to do with the fitment and how tight a fit they are in your ear, or possibly the way they stick out and shake a little bit as you run. But you will notice a slight “drop” in audio levels on each footstep, almost as if you can hear your heartbeating. I was however being overly attentive with listening to the quality, and my ears/brain got used to these microphonics within 10 minutes or so of running.


I’d give the headphones an 8/10, for the price you can’t complain — especially with the amount of extra fitments and case that come accompanied with them.

Interested in them? Here’s where I got them from (Amazon) for roughly £17:

Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Headphones

Written By: MrWigster