We’ll escape our bodies long before we ever need to leave the Earth

Posted on: 4th April 2016

Proceed with an open mind.

I’ve had this thought for a long time now, and I can never quite quantify how or why it makes so much sense in my head, but I need to at least try.

Some brief background:

I recently watched the film “Ex Machina", a film based around Artificial intelligence, comparing, contrasting and analysing AI compared to a real human. Although it wasn’t the main aim of the film, it did make me consider where a robot/AI with so much in common with a human, really begins to just become a human.

Artificial intelligence really won’t be of any benefit if it’s exactly like a human. Our whole existence is already based on the amazing ability to recreate our population at pretty alarming rates. Surely if we’re to truly progress Artificial Intelligence needs to be not that, it needs to be more advanced than a human itself - so that it doesn’t have our unique and ridiculous flaws, things such as hate, envy, pity and our inept laziness.

So are we really looking to just recreate ourselves, if so it seems arbitrary, we need to be creating a better version of ourselves through AI.

Leading on to the main point of this thought experiment:

The majority of people now understand that human life will be impossible to sustain on an infinite basis as we know it. From nuclear war, self destruction, food shortages, natural disasters, we’re very aware that our human existence is fragile, but no matter how much hope you hold, it’s scientifically guaranteed that the sun will explode in x billion years wiping out our solar system.

At the current rate of technological advance I see it far more likely we’ll create a whole AI universe into a self-sustaining 1inch sized cube powered by solar energy to float around the nothingness of space, long before we ever really get the technology to sustain our physical bodies elsewhere. Some people, myself included, may think this seems a sad reality and a cold, lonely existence. However should this AI be really that advanced any different would not be known. Much like the Matrix films, or even a very advanced version of Sims we would not be aware of our own lack of physical existence. Who’s to say this isn’t already our existence, a simulated reality inside of a super-computer, we know no different.

Written By: MrWigster